Cannabidiol’s Health Benefits Becoming Known and Used!

More and more are looking for  better, more healthier and organically natural ways Health benefits just keep pouring in! beyond big pharma’s products that they put out to the public. Now with CBD, you can receive the real-time aid A remedy for so many ailments to your overall well-being.

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What You Need to Know – The Answers

What this sample site aims to do is to provide the tools for your success Everything You Need To Profit from Your Website! online with those products that are just now coming to the market that are progressively reaping advantages Natural, Organic and Hemp-based with both revenues and overall public health.
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The Customer to Company Connection  the “Peer to Peer” Commercial Solution provided by Zodaka Being Used by the Likes of Chase, Wells Fargo and Venmo! is fast becoming the preferred way of doing business, for adaptability as well as ease of convenience. Sign Up and Get Onboarded within 48-72 hours A remedy for so many ailments and get moving back towards the profits you know you can have with these innovative products.

Your Answer to Revenues and Profits WITHOUT the Risk of Being Cut Off Unknowingly for Any Reason is Here!

Blazing Fast Sign Up & Set Up

From signup to processing in one to two business days. Approval rating for new merchant accounts is over 99%!

Once you are integrated into the Zodaka payment system, our software becomes your payment button. Customers simply add products to their shopping cart as usual, then select Zodaka as their form of payment. Our system validates the order and bills the customer’s bank account directly.

Tap Into Payment Network

Any customer that has created a Zodaka account can purchase from you, no further sign-up needed. Their Zodaka account links to their customer account so once they sign in payment is as simple as cash.

So if they paid with another vendor using Zodaka, your new customer can just bring up their account and pay you directly. As well as having your long distance customers being able to utilize how you sell online with the same system each time.

Paid Fast & Track the Money

Immediate value transfer from customer to merchant and domestic banks means that money can enter your bank account in as little as one business day.

We maintain a full ledger of every transaction that goes through the system for your compliance and tracking needs.