For anyone who has made the commitment to be successful with their Social Presence, knows that providing highly share-able content can be the most trying of all the “Must Do’s” of Social Media. Everyone can hit with the occasional ‘viral’ post, but to remain so time and time again is the hard part of it all. Those who are wise, look to a myriad of sources of inspiration. One ingenious way to have killer content is to Convert Your Colleagues to be Champion Content Creators.

1) Provide ‘Training” Through Collaborative Efforts

What I mean by that term is, when you engender and encourage a cooperative atmosphere on your social platforms, you will find others who will contribute to the conversation, give their two-bits from their life’s experiences. When they do so, guide the discussions in such a way that you in a sense, train them to make the better use of their writing. bringing together more cohesive thoughts that can attract more to the discussion. By so doing you can naturally bring out the Content Creator that is in each of us.

2) Thought Leadership and Digital Authority

The purpose behind all of this is two-fold. The more obvious is the content itself. More the merrier, and the more informative, appealing or attractive the better. On the other side of it all, and the less transparent is establishing that your site, page, group or timeline is where to get all the latest innovations or trends that are meaty to the reader and beneficial for all. To be the Thought Leader in your field of discipline, has an amazing up-side where good things can be affected for you as the authority and those who choose to regularly engage with your authority. Just being a part of the conversation isn’t enough, you need to be out front leading and guiding it as well.

3) Let People Share Their Expertise

An excellent method is to allow for the sharing of expertise. Each of us know about something, and given time we put that knowledge into practice. Do it long enough over and over again and you eventually develop the expertise in it. Hopefully, it’s in a practice that is worthwhile, beneficial or of high value to the masses. The more the value, goes without saying, the higher the pay off. When you have those quality thoughts, discussions and tidbits as the norm of what you host, then you are definitely off and “cooking with gas.”

4) Set Expectations

You create the Social World around you and when it comes to your group or page on Facebook you set the expectations and atmosphere with how you act, write and ask the questions that move readers to the higher levels of engagement. With the topics you cover, the times you post, even the words you actually use, sets the expectations of what to do and how to participate.

5) Be Transparent

Authenticity and transparency go a long way in the encouragement and engagement your readers have with you. Not to say you share your innermost thoughts with your reading public, to be too vulnerable takes away from the Leadership and Authority you are developing. Rather keeping it real is the key. People are intuitive in social settings, and they can feel and sense when someone is putting on a facade or a show. And if the surface is scratched or they dig a bit deeper into that image you portray it all comes crumbling down.

To engage means just that! You must connect on a level that edifies and satisfies the need; subsides the pain; expands the greater understanding; brings sense to their world. If not that only one you are fooling is yourself and will do more to destroy your brand than build it.

6) Create a “Content” Culture

The best way to do that is to delve deeper into topics your audience want to have more access to. Without giving away the entire “pie” (and why you get paid the big bucks) give them the ingredients of the conversation, watch what others can create from there.

Social is a content commitment, and when you are looking to do business right, and as people prefer to do now in our day and age you must always be “on the hunt” to make the content you have, desirable, share-able and what your audience eagerly anticipates to see.