Situation: Electrical engineering company who after research and development and successful trials and beta testing are bringing new and revolutionizing hardware technology to market. The web site was recently created highlighting this exciting launch and the company has been covered minimally in newsprint. Being an engineering company, public relations is not the strongest suit of it’s officers. Though several failed attempts to engender interest in other ways and through their industry’s editors. They look to outsourcing these tasks.

Goal: The company’s goal is to gain the exposure for this unique invention through established trade publications, national articles, and online through the proper targeting of key individuals within each hard-copy and online publication.

Concentrating on generating the keywords and the desired high placement on Search Engines in the quickest way possible. In addition to gaining this knowledge and placement, the facilitation of writing, placing and creating the lasting relationships with the periodical editors was paramount to the heightened awareness within their target market.

Action: Develop with the management team the list of 30 publications to research and approach with the Public Relations Campaign. Additionally developed the keywords that directly address the product. Methodically work through the list that was gathered and approaching editors, reporters and freelance writers to highlight the hardware technology.

— Word-of-Mouth Marketing is Key to Generating Success —

Result: It was found that the most direct approach with the reporters and the invite to come see the hardware in action was the most effective. Placement of feature articles appeared in 12 of the 30 targeted (online and off). It was also found that the terminology used within the company for the product has small or no significant hits on the Search Engines.

However, through my expertise, a list was developed using keywords that the general layperson was using to find and locate their type of product technology. Those keyword terms and phrases were generating on average 7500 inquiries per keyword.

Benefit: The desired exposure resulted in the increase of inquiries and sales of the new products. This has generated for the company a self-perpetuating word-of-mouth with those who have done business with them to others who could benefit from these new innovations. Within the first two months of implementation of the Profit Plan the company has received 22,000 hits per month to their site, and a 19% increase in sales from the last quarter.

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