Because of the nature of the business that we are in (Social Media) we get the questions of, “So how often should I post? What times are best to post? What should I post about?”

These are Questions Easily Answered

It Depends…

and I don’t mean to be facetious or glib about this… let me elaborate.

I Read an Account of the One Man Band for the NFL’s Social Efforts

In the article it detailed that he felt like a doctor would, being on call to do the job right. An excerpt from it, ” You always have to be aware and have your hand on the pulse… if the story warrants it, you have to get up and update your audience… [t]his job requires that type of dedication to do it right.”

No truer words were spoken when it comes to your efforts on Social. Now he is dealing with a multi-million dollar past-time that is loved and seen worldwide, but in your own microcosm shouldn’t you be doing that for those you are wanting to influence and bring on as champions for your brand?

Make a Content Plan

Posting willy-nilly can have its benefits and its downfalls. There is something to be said in being in the spur of the moment and getting your first thoughts down. Doing it right takes practice, and you may want to practice that off of your company’s social platforms before you put it out to your public.

By having a Content Plan, a Message Campaign where you know what and when you are posting is one of the ways you can remain consistent in your messaging and constant in what you say. Forethought and planning is a great way to bring in those who have heard about you, and guiding them through and over to your desired call to action should be your goal.

Simple and Relative

An example that this Social Managing Practitioner puts out is a simple tweet and post of it only being 20 more weeks (or so) until the start of the football season, it got 58,000 likes and 12,000 re-shares. Is there anything you are overlooking when you look to post? A social media manager in Baltimore Maryland posted for a Dental Company something about Edgar Allan Poe around the yearly anniversary of his birthday (He lived there, wrote there and died there) and the interaction and response was amazing from those connected and not connected to the Dental office. Go figure huh? What could increase that type of interaction with your company?

Doing Social Media Right

It’s all in the timing, volume, and content in what you post. And you need to be dedicated to it, or have someone connected to your  business that is, or you can miss the opportunities that Social Media provides for you to have.