Foremost on the Minds of Anyone Selling and Buying

The fragmentation of the attention of each company’s target audience has truly been “a doosey” for those looking to draw their customers’ profitable eyes to a company’s brand. As you are most likely aware, you can no longer get a spread in the local newspaper, a few spots on big three channels, and the area’s most popular radio station and expect to hit all of your target market! That is no longer possible.

With the Internet, streaming broadband capabilities increasing exponentially, and the ability to access it all on the go from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, regardless of the activity being done by the target public, you will never get them in with just “Placement” alone.

The Core of Your Brand

Sure, knowing where they are spending their time most is where you place it off the bat, but you must be more judicious now. The now-antiquated Mass Marketing tactics still being taught in the halls of higher education no longer work, in fact, they now do more harm to your brand than good.

What Bernays and Lippman taught over 100 years ago and their devilish disciples still teach today, is the equivalent of extolling the virtues of the horse and buggy over the motorized vehicles of a century ago. The game has changed immensely.

Instead of the mass message, it is the customizable, personalized message that is most effective with today’s consumer. No longer the “one size fits all” rather the “one and only size fits me” is the preferred way of doing business. To be able to have this ability for what you produce, manufacture or put out to the public as a service you must KNOW AS INTIMATELY AS POSSIBLE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE.

If all caps didn’t sway ya, here are some statistics that will. 3 out of 5 people have said they acted directly upon their FRIEND’s recommendations. Those influencers are the early adopter types, the ones that tend to create trends, and ya know, make a campaign profitable. These influencers are looking to be drawn in, spoken to directly into as psychologically-easy as possible of an experience with your brand. 87% of those influencers have been swayed to a buying experience prefer the customized, personable touch of doing business.

They want the experience to be what they expect, and perhaps a bit more beyond that. And once they have that, once they are able to identify with and “make it their own” their tongues will start moving via Word of Mouth.

The Essence of Your “Experience”

If you don’t think being left on the side of the road with the “horses reins” in your hands as your competition zips past you in their new-fangled contraptions, then, you need to delve deeply into what your Ideal Customer Profile actually is. None of it can be done, unless the research, the questions, the surveys, and the listening to the answers are completed. You need to start in the answering of the macro questions (the demographical type levels) then the micro questions (the psychographical type levels) and then dig deeper into the nano questions (the interest-graphical type levels).

Once you are able to accurately describe their wants, and dislikes, their expectations with your product, the change in their lives they anticipate AND receive with your product (or service) and how they expect to live with their decision to do business with you, can you start to tailor your messaging and create its essential core.

The core of your messaging is the building blocks in which you start the Experience of buying from you. The unique selling proposition is a part of this, but it’s much more. It’s the language used, the feelings it creates, and the good vibes it develops. It’s the colors that hit the subconscious and the imagery you present that bring your customers’ buying decision closer to handing their hard earned cash over to you.

The engines of a ship makes the behemoth move, but you also need a galley, a bridge and a ‘poop’ deck to make the sailing experience one to “write home about”.

Getting Your Story Straight

Put this all in a neatly wrapped package, with the story or the moments of text and images that create the curiosity and the desire to find out more about your brand is the icing on the cake. This can start in the very culture you create within your company itself. The reasons you brought to market what you did, or the reason why your service or product is brought to the forefront can be the start of your story.

In the ship analogy, this is the paint and decorations, the lights, and amenities that can be had within that Marketing ‘Ship’. It brings in the eye, starts up the curiosity and because it speaks to customer (i.e. your target audience) it draws them in to the next experience with you. The Top 10 lists, or the find out’s or the celebrity X didn’t like this or that,¬†are all effective. What gets you to click, to learn more about something you see? What buzzwords, and what colors make you feel comfortable to say, I want to know more? The same works on those you target as well.

Bring that into your Story and build your empire on drawing your audience in to knowing more and being a loyal customer of yours. Start your Core Messaging Today!