Core Competencies and Profit Centers

Situation: Electrical engineering company who after research and development and successful trials and beta testing are bringing new and revolutionizing hardware technology to market. The web site was recently created highlighting this exciting launch and the company has been covered minimally in newsprint. Being an engineering company, public relations is not the strongest suit of […]

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Make Your Ads Relevant

Back in the Old Days
For any of us in business back when the Web was the Wild West and pretty much everything you did got people’s attention and got them to at least interact with you, your brand, or your business. Display Ads were something new, and people could not what what morsels of […]

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Optimize Your Ability to Satisfy

Situation: A company is wanting to do some corporate reconnaisance on what the competition is doing in their industry. They have been strong in the market and in the share of the market has been in the high 30’s percentile for the last 4 years. Although not the largest percentage, no other company in their […]

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Doing Social Media Right Top 3

Because of the nature of the business that we are in (Social Media) we get the questions of, “So how often should I post? What times are best to post? What should I post about?”
These are Questions Easily Answered
It Depends…
and I don’t mean to be facetious or glib about this… let me elaborate.
I Read an Account of […]

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Champion Content Creators

For anyone who has made the commitment to be successful with their Social Presence, knows that providing highly share-able content can be the most trying of all the “Must Do’s” of Social Media. Everyone can hit with the occasional ‘viral’ post, but to remain so time and time again is the hard part of […]

Establish Your Core Messaging

Foremost on the Minds of Anyone Selling and Buying
The fragmentation of the attention of each company’s target audience has truly been “a doosey” for those looking to draw their customers’ profitable eyes to a company’s brand. As you are most likely aware, you can no longer get a spread in the local newspaper, a […]

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