The SciNexus:
the Science of Connection 

Enables your business to connect with your target audience Where Revenue and Sales Happen , actively using direct response marketing strategies Put into place what works! that create rapid engagement, increased revenues and higher brand loyalty by purposeful design.

Take a moment and gain for your brand and it’s executive team the resources that will gain for you the goals you have set for your marketing, and bring them into reality with  SciNexus Strategies.

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SciNexus Definition

About The SciNexus

The SciNexus is the bringing together the best available Digital Marketing Strategies to help small to medium businesses with a full suite of online marketing services. Founded by D.C. Jones, The SciNexus has consistently focused on getting clients measurable results utilizing a direct response approach across multiple marketing channels. The mission since day one of business has been to help our clients generate more revenue, accelerate business growth, and give the business owner more free time by using effective technology and automation solutions. The vision is to be the number one marketing partner for our clients and their ultimate Go-To source for Digital Marketing and training services. We take great pride in helping our clients achieve a powerful, professional, and purposeful presence online using proven online and social marketing strategies and techniques. Our core values as an organization are very clear in making our clients our number one priority. We are eager to serve and we deeply care about the success of our projects & campaigns for our clientele. We proactive proactive communication and are always there to answer questions and guide you the path of online success. Being passionate business owners ourselves, we strive to help you achieve your business goals and dreams. We look forward to empowering your business to succeed with the power of Digital Marketing.


Discover how The SciNexus helps you execute your social business plans and objectives strategically, Find Out How

And find out for yourself what it takes to be a successful brand in Social Media


The SciNexus Process

SciNexus utilizes a 6-Step Project Success System which enables us to take each project from conception to completion in a strategic manner making sure that we achieve all the objectives and exceed all expectations. Leverage our 14 years of collective experience in direct response digital marketing to generate more quality leads, increase your sales, and grow your business. Allow us to shorten the marketing learning curve and experience measurable results faster.


Every project with SciNexus begins with the discovery phase because we firmly believe being pointed in the right direction is more important than how fast you are going initially.


Once we are totally clear on “what” you want to accomplish, the “how” becomes our next top priority. This is where we inventory resources, solidify objectives, and establish timelines.


Here we dial in the look, feel, and user experience for your project so that we make a lasting impression on your prospects resulting in hyper engagement and direct response ability.


It’s now time to bring the design to life by giving it the functionality it needs using a variety of different programming languages based on the project’s predetermined objectives. Superior design and code means a superior experience.


This is where the ‘rubber meets the road’ in the deployment phase as we fine tune every aspect of the project while performing thorough quality assurance per the objectives established in the Planning Phase.


Once the deployment rollout is completed and we have successfully achieved project objectives, we shift our focus towards maximum exposure and letting everyone in your target market know that you are ready for business.


No matter the industry you have chosen to concentrate on What You are Passionate About , you will always be able to locate your most profitable niche for your business That Money Sweet Spot where it makes sense to do business! . Connecting with them, deepening the engagement and moving them to transact business with you is a whole other story.

You must make it as psychologically easy as possible to adopt your brand and do business with you to develop them into Champions for your business.

The  SciNexus Strategies assist you in identifying your most profitable niche and targeting them successfully.

SciNexus Core Values

The SciNexus Services


Allow us to guide you through the maze of marketing your business online successfully. We can help you with strategic planning, organization, and overall marketing strategy so that you can achieve your sales objectives.


If you are not memorable, you will be forgotten. To become memorable, you must make a one on one connection with each person in your target market. Your brand is your biggest asset and without it you don’t have a business.


The easiest way to stand apart from the herd is to be different in a creative, engaging and memorable way. From colors to look and feel, we will fine tune your designs that make your marketing ‘look like a million bucks’!


From keyword rich text to high quality professional vides, content really is king. Whether it’s a podcast or a video blog post, we can help you educate and inform your target audience, drving them back to you to buy more.


Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and the list goes on. If you do not properly position and leverage social media marketing, you can be certain that your fans will be interacting with your competition.


If you’re not being found by those you want to connect with, or your REVIEWS are non-existent, you don’t yet exist to them. Most people want to connect and frequent those places they feel most comfortable, and online reviews are how they determine that.

See the SciNexus Way to Make a Social Difference

The SciNexus Methods will guide you through the maze of the numerous marketing strategies available to today’s business.



LinkedIn For the Professional Set

Starting out as forum to find a new job, LinkedIn has always been the place with those who are in the “White Collar” world to congregate and hang out. Connecting with those who are in your profession, has been the forte of this social platform.

As it has grown in numbers and capabilities, LinkedIn has now become the best way to quickly connect with the decision-makers in leading industries. It is the preferred way to reach out for a warm lead in networking with other like-minded businesses. And it’s the tactics and formulas on how best to do that which will make the difference in being received in the light you want to be.

Whether it’s do for you services, or we are training you how you can best approach those you are looking to connect with and be a thought leader The SciNexus Strategies and Training will be the difference of gaining the momentum you want, or completely sucking rocks.

Chat with us and get the plan of action that will reach your goals and the profits you are looking to gain.



Facebook is the Biggest Platform

The SciNexus is able to introduce the successes of business through each of cutting-edge strategies of the Marketing Disciplines (Social, Online, Traditional) to dozens of client companies over the last decade.

Facebook is the biggest place for the masses, because the masses are there. You need to develop the innate ability to integrate the myriad of principles in the branding, social marketing as well as reputation building networking to one functional, growth-centered and goal-attaining marketing plan has benefited greatly each client company and their lead generation efforts.

Creating the community that not only builds a business, not only to increase your or your brand’s influence, but also it is aimed to grow the best psychological equity possible so you can best get into the mindset and the psychological triggers of the largest consumer base to move the global markets. The rejection of the Mass Marketing mantra for the more personalized Individual Experience with a brand of choice highlighted how businesses needs to shift their strategies and methods to best capture this fundamental shift in doing business.



Video Marketing Supremacy

We have all heard the successes that are present on YouTube. As with the other Social Platforms YouTube has created industries, sources of income and has influenced with the videos and the channels built upon it the whole entire world.

When you as an individual, or as a company brand can consistently produce and gain the views of your targeted audience, it is not unheard of (with YouTube’s profit sharing program) to generate a 6 figure income from those efforts.

When a video goes viral, it is by no means an accident. It may surprise the brand who produces it, but everything that goes into it, was planned and well-thought out. There are steps you can take that can give your videos the best possible chance to go viral. Learn how you can do that each time you sit down to create and develop your Video Marketing tools.

More importantly for you, video and the marketing methods it allows, gives you a fantastic way to connect and become an influencer in your chose industry and marketplace.

The SciNexus Do It For You Services & Training Sessions

Can highlight and give you a road map to utilize when you undertake being effective with your Social Efforts!

You have been doing your research and been looking everywhere for answers, taking a stab here and there with your social media efforts but try as you may, your company’s Social Sucks

When you get your own copy of the “Your Social Case Study” you will be able to see the starting point from which you, your company and the brand you are able to make the ROI start to happen.

Allow us to guide you through the maze of marketing your business online successfully. We can help you with strategic planning, organization, and overall marketing strategy so that you can achieve your sales objectives.


Gain the insight you and your company need to make what you have on Social Media to be effective to achieve your goals!

There are two things all small businesses have in common: They all could use more customers, sales, profits etc. AND their marketing efforts could always use some help. This stand alone DIY Hard Copy Manual helps you with your marketing, as a step-by-step guide in what you and your employees can be doing to get those qualified leads that grow into sales customers and profits!

Tailored for the Hands-on Do-It-Yourselfers The “Don’t Suck At Marketing” Manual can be had via PDF files or as a hard copy edition. In your hands, with all the know-how within.

If you prefer, you can get your Marketing education, all that a four year degree at the local university would give you, for the cost of one semester’s textbook… Stop Sucking with your Marketing Starting Today.GET YOUR MANUAL HERE


All that you need to have from the very beginning to the ongoing Social Campaigns.


Here Are Just A Few of Our Firm’s Skill Sets, There Are Plenty More

  • Ideal Customer Profile Analysis

  • Content Marketing Origination

  • Engagement Data Analysis

  • Cross Platform Management

  • Visual Style Formation

  • Lead Material Generation

  • Brand Identity Establishment

  • Sales Funnel Sequencing

  • Sales Process Testing & Metrics

  • Ecommerce Design Integration

  • Corroborating Signals Engineering

  • Content Automation Allocation

  • Inbound Marketing Expertise

  • Niche Community Building

  • Mobile Structures Circulation

  • Sentiment Driving Strategies

  • End User Satisfaction

  • Image Advertising Creation

  • Loyalty Campaign Construction

  • Online Presence Organization

  • Content Design for Influencers

Why the “Must Have’s” in Digital Marketing?

  • The Ability to Turn Social Followers into Paying Customers; Fans into Revenues is key.
  • Updating Your Online Sales Process could very well add an additional 6 figures to your bottom line in the next 12 months.
  • Connecting those Your Brand come in contact with what they desire most with your interactions.

Our #1 priority is you! And once you are able to quantify the quality of those choosing to connect with your company you can better put your expertise to show in the marketplace.

X Faster are Videos over Text
Active Users of Facebook per Min.
# of Search Queries per Minute
Dollars per Minute Web Shopping



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Take the action needed to gain for you the systems and the strategies that will make the difference between your thriving success and surviving a dismal failure. Your decision here determines your results.



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We are fully dedicated to user experience. We scour the latest trends, and innovations being talked about in the electronic marketing space. You too can gain the advantage with the knowledge found on the SciNexus Blog!

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PURPOSE Our Purpose Is To Provides Proven Online Business Development Services And Solutions To Business Owners That Generate More Leads, More Revenue, Accelerate Business Growth, And Give The Business Owner More Free Time.

VISION Our Vision Is To Be The #1 Online Business Development Partner For Our Clients Providing The Most Efficient And Most Effective Digital Media Marketing Solutions That Enable Our Clients To Achieve Their Business Objectives.

CURRENT MISSION Our Current Mission Is To Successfully Direct 100 New Business Owners In 2018 To Create a Powerful, Purposeful, And Professional Online Presence That Systematically Generates More Leads, Customers, And Revenue.

CORE VALUES! We Listen Carefully And Care Deeply. We Do Everything In Our Power To Serve. We Get Tremendous Joy When We Help Others. We Stay Optimistic As We Solve Challenges For Our Clients. We Do Things Right The First Time Around For Our Clients. We Do What We Said We Would Do, When We Said We Would Do It. We Practice Fully Transparent Communication. We Constantly Grow And Improve What We Do, And How We Do It. We Believe In People And Their Dreams. We Empower Business Owners To Succeed.

Join the SciNexus Process in Generating Your Brand’s Profits!