Back in the Old Days

For any of us in business back when the Web was the Wild West and pretty much everything you did got people’s attention and got them to at least interact with you, your brand, or your business. Display Ads were something new, and people could not what what morsels of knowledge, products or services awaited them at the end of their click… Hard to believe that was a mere 20 years ago.

Soon people started to wise up, because with anything else in life when it is served up over and over and over again the novelty wears off, becomes a nuisance, then obnoxious and then something to avoid. And with Display Ads with their 24/7 servings with their pop overs and pop unders and getting in our way of getting on to the next we wanted to do by slowing down our computers with their clunky cookies and unwanted tracking pixels the effectiveness of an Ad become so minuscule that gaining a 1% click thru rate became accepted and even celebrated.

Since that time (just after the Dot Bomb of 2000-2001) innovations, flash design and unique placements and run times have all assisted businesses in getting in front of their desired target audience to a mix of results all of which included serving up large doses of impressions (actual times an Ad ran) to get the desired click thrus a company wanted.

Today’s Versions – Tried and True

All center around RELEVANCE to those who today’s content rich ads are being served. Both in Search and Social Platforms, a brand’s ad relevance is vital to one’s campaign success. You must produce for your potential audience (to bring them into your loyal community) highly relevant campaigns.

More specifically there are two ways that your ads… whether they be text, graphics or video based MUST and I say MUST be made of and the following is the three main ingredients in the “Secret Sauce”.

Scratching the Niche Itch

All of us know and hate that feeling when you are in a conversation that someone is just talking past you. Either it being of lack of interest, lack of knowledge, or lack of scruples or all three there is no connection happening. They may be giving you lip-service, showing you the smiling face of their company, but you know that even if you scratch down from the surface you will find nothing of substance.

Today’s clientele – those who you want to have, and those who want to be your clientele – must know that you are one of them. Best way to do that is specialize and get to be a part of the Niche. No one wants to be sold… that pushy experience of someone who likes to hear themselves speak just doesn’t fly any longer. But everyone can relate, and wants to be a part of something that has passion, or fun, or connected to a cause of one sort or another.

In my consultations, this is the very first thing we do for our clients. Nothing can be deemed truly a success if you don’t know who your audience (and subsequent customers) are. You must satisfy that itch in the niche you want to sustain your business upon. Keeping your doors open depends on it.

Give ‘Em What They Want, Where They Want It

How can you give them what they want if you don’t spend the time, research, or the “blood, sweat and tears” to understand their psychological profiles, their likes and dislikes; their best situation that will allow them to adopt what you offer, and will supplant their need to keep the value of their money and exchange it for the value of your product or service.

Which forms these messaging tools and vehicles take, how they are approached, how often are they wanting to be contacted, and all the rest that builds your brand a Champion for what you do is all determined on how well you know them. To get too specific for your circumstance of your business we would need to do our due diligence, but suffice it to say most want to be guided to the decision to by rather than pushed or pulled into it from a center of fear or greed.

Smart digital marketing strategies put relevance first. When context meets content and impeccable timing as your audience is wanting to receive it, you brand can harness the power of advertising of which today’s consumer wants to be a part.

Give “Em a Place To Do It In

When you are able to match the format, the message and the frequency of connection for your desired audience you must draw them into the places where they can gain the satisfaction of doing business with you. In all that you place out into that community needs to have a carefully crafted Call to Action.

Complete the experience you create with they way they can be a contributing part of your brand’s community. Ownership of your products and input into your system are excellent ways to accomplish that.

You can have your Ads bring in the traffic, the qualified leads and sales profits your company needs to have to remain vibrant in your chosen industry. Take the time and effort necessary for your company to experience the success that can be had by those who are doing it right for their valued customers.