SciNexus EZPay for WordPress Solves Both of These Problems!

Here’s How Your WordPress Web Designing of e-Commerce Websites 800+ Sales Per Week! , Becomes Easier & Profitable We Love Those Residuals! with this special plugin.


Your Website Clients Gain:

  • EASE OF SET UP – You as their web solution get all their components of their shopping experience
  • SAVINGS ON TRANSACTIONS – A lower monthly rate without getting “fee’d” to death
  • SMOOTH PLUGIN INTERACTIONS – No glitches to worry about with using their shopping cart and checkout
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – When their customers are satisfied, your clients are happy and that’s good for you

Now your clients can get convenience and savings at the same time That's Right, It's For You! WITHOUT the hassles from the other plugins available.


You as a Web Designer Get:

  • EASE OF USE – One time set up from the very beginning to end, no hassles beyond the initial set up
  • PLUGIN INTERACTION – Easy plug and play interaction with the leading shopping cart solutions with simple connections
  • RECEIVE BACK A REVENUE SHARE – Now getting 20%-40% of the credit card margins that processing companies usually keep
  • BUILDING PASSIVE INCOME – Growing each month with each client’s customers, client upon client

You can now get paid each month That's Right, Each Month! for what your clients bring in and  we handle all the credit card processing details The SciNexus EZPay Guarantee! which you don’t have to.

It’s so simple and yet so PROFITABLE for you to do!


It’s a WIN for Your Clientele

Getting much better rates typically 20-30% lower than Stripe, Paypal and the other general ISO’s are charging. The customer also benefits by obtaining a true Merchant Identification (MID) for their business.


It’s a WIN for YOU

The hardworking site builder, is not one and done. Receive for yourself or agency, 20% – 40% of the credit card margin through SciNexus EZPay affiliate revenue share model each and every month. Get what the processors usually retain!
  • Ease of Set Up and Onboarding for your Client
  • No other “maintenance” needs to be done by you, the Web designer
  • You receive, as long as they continue to use that e-Commerce solution, the passive revenue from their monthly activities

It’s a WIN with the SciNexus Plugin

By partnering with you and by educating your customer on how easy it is to get into a better plan, while you receive recurring dividends that will help you run your business better!


How It All Works

You first become a Registered Partner with us here at the SciNexus Plugin by clicking one of the buttons on this page and filling out the requested info. This way you will be able to get credit for each plugin use that comes through and posts after checkout for your monthly residual revenue.NEXT STEP
Start using the SciNexus EZPay WordPress Plugin each time you have an e-Commerce site you design and develop. It walks you through the process of filling out the preliminary application for your client, to place the token keys to activate the gateway for the site, once authorized.NEXT STEP
We take it from this point with your client; in getting the additional info needed, answering their usage questions and handle, if any, situations that may arise. You don’t have to lift another finger! We handle the credit card processing backend so you don’t have to.NEXT STEP
Sit back and as a SciNexus EZPay Registered Partner let the revenue share money accumulate more every month by using it for each one of your current and future sites you develop. It is that easy to utilize for that additional passive income that you normally DON’T have – Now you do!EARN MORE



You No Longer Leave the Potential Revenue Share and Ongoing Income on the Table!

– Here’s What Others Are Saying – 

I have developed over 100 websites in my freelance career and never had I heard of such a program like SciNexus EZPay. I have started to connect my new e-commerce clients to this and are now getting back some great profits I hadn’t realized before.
Jason G., Freelance Designer
I think this was an amazing idea that was long overdue. I don’t know why it took so long for a company to bring this to the market. Glad that Sci Nexus did!
Jeanne K., Web Designer
Genius! My manager thinks that I am after his job! We did a test run with SciNexus EZPay and it has gone so smoothly and our customer was so pleased with Sci Nexus’ services that we have done this with the last dozen of our e-commerce clients this last month. I think I am going to get a bonus for bringing this to my agency!
Zach T., Lead Developer
I brought this to the attention to my executive team, and we got with Blue Vessel and started to direct our developers to install the BV EZPay plugin. Everything has worked fantastically for our clients and we are looking to place more with them.
Allison P., Creative Director



I'm Ready to Get Started Now!

Capture today the percentage revenue share available through SciNexus EZPay's WordPress Plugin and become a Registered Partner for the benefit of your website clientele