Specializations arise because of the frequency one is able to do the tasks, and how successful they have been in achieving the goals set for those tasks. I have quite a few specializations that can be of benefit to you and your business.

The following areas that are detailed on this page are items that may seem disjointed with the Lead Gen situation. However, all of them in some way or fashion fit hand in glove with gaining the lead and harnessing the power and revenues for the lifecycle that your customer has with your company. See if any of them seem like fit for you and let’s discuss!


In the lead generation world, you can’t get much headway if you don’t have anything to send your potential clientele to see. Landing Pages, as well as the rest of a proper website is what even the smallest of companies need in today’s business climate.

Since concentrating on lead generation systems since 2000, and as the website is the anchor for one’s online business presence, I have designed, created and implemented dozens upon dozens of sites with various purposes and goals for each. A conversation can always be beneficial for anyone who seek to properly capture their lead base and subsequent revenues. Click the button to start yours today.



I began in the 90’s writing marketing long form sales letters that had, for the time, 67% conversion rate to the client company I was contracted to. And although most everything is digital and no one opens up physical mail any longer.

Today’s consumer market is still looking to gather information to those things that interest them to acquire and possess. And it is true that pictures and graphics go a long way in communications with those who would be your customers, but it is also in the copy… the text, precisely given that can bring someone over to do business with you. Let’s chat about what you want to get accomplished and we can get you the sales copy that you need for your landing pages that you have already created. Let’s talk scope and your goals – Click Below



Writing sales copy is one thing, but if your strategy is to get noticed positively for the search engines… i.e. Google… there is an art and a science in doing so. Getting the ratios of keywords and keyword phrases that are there for the Google Spiders to index the page you have created that can be served up to your customers once they search for those words you want to be categorized for.



The business atmosphere is increasingly getting more and more international oriented. This fact brings up the need to start considering which languages would best serve your efforts and actions for marketshare. I have access to the best translators in the industry for most of the major languages being used in today’s business world – Portuguese, Spanish, French, German among many others that your marketing can be translated effectively into.

This is not just for the text side of your business, but also can be in the closed captioning that you provide in your videos. Even Mr. Beast is charging headway into a few different languages for his videos. Intrigued? Get the Plan to do so, Find Out More Below



In the course of the last 20+ years in the Marketing Profession, I have become most familiar with the keen need for programming that is needed for special actions online. The capabilities of small businesses to have customized coding to add to what they are doing with their website has become more cost effective to get their WordPress plugin, or their browser extension or their outright mobile app working with their own branding and stipulated functionalities.

We (and yes there would be more than just me involved in such a project) would love to chat with you about the functionality of the App/Extension/Plugin that you presently have in mind.


What is the process to get an ‘Extra”?

“Together we can get to your small business what it needs to properly market and advertise to those who are looking for what you do.”

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