Lead Gen Questions:

These lead types are officially designated in the industry as ‘cold’… these are the names, company names, and contact information that any industrious soul with boundless amounts of time could gather themselves. We just have the technological know-how to gain them within 24 hours of the request being made. Streamlining the process for you for a minimal fee.

Beyond the names, company names and phone number and email address, the additional information that is normal and customary with my leads are the physical address and their website URL. All of which are plenty to start crafting messages to get in front of – of which there can be assistance to do when it comes to your Email Marketing Campaign efforts.

Please ask your additional questions when you contact me when you fill out the contact form.

As mentioned above – but now in bullet form:

  • Contact Name
  • Company Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Physical Address
  • Website URL

These lists of 250 can be had (sent in) a CSV or XLSX file format.

Sure you can, there are several ways that someone’s data online can be sliced and diced. That usually involves access to the large data centers that run the web or a kernel/cookie that you can set on one’s computer to track them up and down where ever they may roam online. That also includes a hefty price tag for such information that has how many searches the lead has performed for X keyword or phrase. That the per lead cost that you have to expend is more than most are willing to pay – especially at this stage of the budding business.

The leads you can get from TheSciNexus are the ones that you can afford THAT have the pertinent information and industry classification that is desired.

I gladly offer to you the services of beyond getting the list of names to start sending your promotionals to, that getting set up in the right type of email client can be worth the cost to do so for you. We advise that you DO NOT send out to any email list you may have on your own email server, that can be the quickest way to get your URL blackballed all across the Internet.

There are three or four choices of email client providers, depending on your wants and needs, that we can get you set into and ready to start campaigning.

In addition to that, we can get you the Email Sequence or the copy that you can utilize with each send to the list with the email client of your choice. I recommend that you stay with the text based type of emailing so that you have the easiest chance of getting beyond the filters that some email services put in place. We also show you the best practices that can get you past those filters AND comply with the dogged CAN SPAM Act that you need to follow.

Lastly, I can get you the list, write the sequences (5-7) and schedule them evenly so you can optimize open rates and minimize unsubscribes. That is what TheSciNexus can do for you when it comes to Lead Gen and Email Campaigns.

Graphics Questions:

You will receive four properly positioned and created for the desired social platform samples and examples that you can use for your posts, boosting or straight-out advertising purposes. Each is created with the right components that each social ad checkers are looking to keep within. It will also be examples, if you wish to further your graphics chops can use as a guide when you endeavor to create your own by yourself.

I have you, your brand, but most essentially your target audience in mind when I craft these graphics for you to use continually.

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TruthSocial and YouTube are the most Graphical Friendly platforms out there. The strategies to utilize the graphics developed for your business on each platform are similar. When it comes to the other social platforms, e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, and the other 10 majors ones have different marketing methodologies that aren’t as uniformed as those I design for.

In regards to YouTube ( and Rumble and Vimeo) the graphics are different in size and application, but are all designed in the same manner to catch the eye, create the curiosity and the Click Thru. That is why it is included in TheSciNexus Offering list.

This is a little bit like the Goldilocks pattern… 3 would be too little of an ensampling for you to get an idea of what you need to be effective, and 5 just seemed to be too much, so 4 (four) it became.

And if you posted on a weekly basis (depending on your target audience of course) you would have a full month’s worth of content to use.

What comes to mind when I mention – Viking Compass – or – Iron Eagle – ? Automatic images of what you have seen before, branded into your brain it’s symbolism and what it may mean to you. One’s company logo is that in a microcosm. We have our own generational symbols as well… the Nike Swoosh, the Kangaroo Profile, the Shamrock Clover… All readily available to your mind’s eye.

Your brand and the logo that represents it is vital to the identification of what you do to those who you wish to be of service, whether it be an actual service or by a product of some sort. The psychology that can be built into a logo can give you the ‘legs’ that can create not only the Top-of-the-Mind awareness you seek, but also the loyalty and following that successful brands need to engender

If done correctly, a logo can help you attain the Verbalization of your business, i.e. Xerox, Kleenex, Google it, etc. etc.

First of all it is a ton of help to not hold your logo “hostage” I do not hold any reservations, copyrights, or watermarks on any logo created for you. It is yours. I also get you the largest print ready formats that can be used for a host of applications. Additionally, if a font is used, or a certain color or shape is used then in the delivering documents of your finished, thoroughly revised logo I include that information for you – what they are named and what their RGB or HEX color number they may be.

But we also can help you, if you are looking for the additional help (for a fee of course) if you are looking to place your logo on a specialized item or in a certain form. Contact us once again and we can discuss what is involved and how I can be of service to you.

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The Extras Related:

We have a detailed list found on this page here – But at risk of providing too much information, we can get you the Extra that you are wanting in a tighter timeframe that most other providers/contractors/freelancers.

Why is that? It’s not that I am superhuman, or other worldly… though my wife may think otherwise… it is because the know-how to do each of these tasks allows someone with my experience to be keenly familiar with the ‘shortcuts’ or properly said, the most effective procedures to minimize time on the development and creation process. There are points in each one of these Extras that with someone that has less experience would need to take additional time to research or figure out. For me, been there and done that so much that it is faster for me to get those types of items completed.

Sure you could go with someone else and pay less… but you are paying for their lack of knowledge and them learning on your dime. On the opposite way, sure you could also go with a multi-team agency… but for the small business owner that route is usually cost prohibitive.

I am in your sweet spot and ready to get your project running!

Very good question! The extras that I have on TheSciNexus all involve conversations. And more than just a handful at that. Each one of the Extra Items are involved in extensive planning and creation timeframes, and can be done as simply as the task that is being asked from it to perform. Most times, however, with the likes of Sites, Salescopy, or a Plugin Functionality we would all need to be able to thoroughly plan, so the design portion of the project does not bleed into the implementation and revenue stages.

Contact Me Here – to get started on what you have in mind, the feasibility of it all and how long it can take to get it all operational.

General Questions:

In Latin, ‘Sci’ is the root word for SCIence and ‘Nexus’ means connections in the same vernacular. Together they made the Science of Connections and that is what I have been doing for the last 2 plus decades.

An amazing, charismatic chap that spent his childhood reading encyclopedias and looking at maps. (Wikipedia and Google Maps for those of the younger set.) Charming as all get out, that fellow has forgotten more about Marketing than most people knew in the firstplace. His skills and talents are here for your benefit and advantage.

What I bring to the proverbial table is the culmination of over 20 years of working as a Marketing Professional. Experience that stretched from over agency, international marketing and advertising campaigns to the smallest promo efforts for mom & pop shops.

Delved extensively and exhaustively in all types of mediums – Television (video production), Radio (audiocasts), Newspaper (blogging), and all matter or form of communication. If you can write on it, draw it or do things digitally, I have done it. If you can create, design, produce, implement, or measure it I have done it several dozen times over.

I have traversed the Traditional, Online and Digital Marketing landscapes in my time in the Marketing saddle as a hired gun for the myriads of client companies in dozens of industries that I have had over the years. Your project gets access to all this experience that has been accrued.

The best way is to fill out the form on the contact page. That most readily gets to me and I am able to respond with the desired information faster than any other way.

Want to know more about TheSciNexus?

No problem, here’s the link to the open book!