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The SciNexus RepReview System Increase Your Sales Each Week! , the methods you can utilize to increase your prospect and customer base We Love Our Brand Champions! with honest, trusted and fresh testimonials.


Customers Hear About Your Company

Through your ads, or from others’ recommendations in their circle they want to know and go searching for you.

They Do Their Homework on You

Search online for your website along with what others have said about you on their chosen social platform.

The Almighty Google Searches

Inputting your name, or the name of your product(s) by doing a Google search and to find the good and the bad.
Search for local businesses online

Read online reviews about local businesses and products

People trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation

Of customers think that reviews older than 3 months are not relevant


Just Think What You Would Do…

You come across a company with which you want to do business and you want to check out what they are all about; what the quality is of their product, and how they treat customers currently and in the past. You want to get all the info you can before you make a purchase and spend your hard-earned cash.

Most Consumers Look at 2+ Review Sites

The Old Forms of Marketing Aren’t Working… not even the BBB

Real-Time Reviews Are Worth Their Weight in Gold!

Here’s what make the difference to your bottom line:

Average Star Rating

Total Number of Reviews

Review Frequency

Age of Reviews

Average Ratings Across Sites

Sentiments of Each of the Reviews

How Bad Reviews are Handled

How You Use the Reviews for Good

– A Well-rounded Marketing Campaign Has All These Components –

Reputation Management with it’s confidence boosting ability in the reviews you actively promote fits right in the middle there with establishing your brand and company as an Authority in the marketplace.


Optimize Your Existing Customers to Becoming Brand Champions

When you use the SciNexus RepReview System, you are enabling those who like doing business with you a spotlight for your business. You need to encourage those loyal to what you do, and repeatedly purchase from you, to spontaneously and completely promote your brand, the way you do business, and the high standards you abide by.


“WOW – Now they just keep pouring in, it’s incredible!”

Before, we were getting a trickle of reviews from Google, whenever one of our clientele remembered to go and do it. WOW – Now they just keep pouring in, it’s incredible! With the RepReview System keeping us at the top of our clienteles’ minds with it’s reminders, we are getting in more than 10 a day to our Local Page on Google. ”
– Marilyn H. Albuquerque NM

I started out with nothing, no reviews on Google and just a handful on Yelp. Thanks to the SciNexus System, we have been able to get over 90 in the last month. Which by the way, has resulted in new business for us… because they have told us!
Geoffrey, Phoenix AZ
My business is all about gaining the trust of those who I want to have as customers. Handyman services thrive or die with these reviews. I especially like the option that the System gives me, if someone gives me a low review to address it BEFORE it goes on my google page.
Mitch, Ogden UT
As a moving company, we love it when our efforts are rewarded with new business. We have seen over the last 4 months that getting more reviews and comments on the likes of Google, Yelp and the BBB has helped those undecideds go with us for their moving needs. Thanks SciNexus!
Lisa, Las Vegas NV
We’ve made it a point, because we are in people’s homes for our services, to have the highest of level of quality of customer service. A few years back we saw how having an active Google Review program was beneficial to overall business volume let alone to our per job revenue ratios. I personally have been running this effort, and let me tell you it takes a lot of time. Not anymore! Since we set up the system, all we have to do is input the email address of our customers and RepReview takes care of the rest. I have been able to free up time for more pressing issues each day.
Jim, Boise ID
I didn’t want to have all the hassle of sending the reminders over and over again, never really knowing if those we did business with filled out a review for our location. It wasn’t the funnest thing to do. Since we went with the RepReview System, all we have to do is point it to the place we would like to see more 5 star reviews (right now it’s toward our Facebook Page) and we tend to forget about it after we have put in the email addresses of our loyal buyers. It has been a relief to me, personally, because now the dread is gone and we still are getting fresh ones daily.
Genevieve, Ft. Collins CO

Here’s What You Start with in the SciNexus RepReview System:

Site Optimizing Review

What you have and currently need to have to add for a highly effective RepReview System

Social Media Presence

What you currently have, and need to connect to fully engage with your chosen audience

Content Review

Content is a vehicle of “Connection” and the right content needs to be optimized properly

Google Local Pages

What you presently have, what you need to claim and how to correctly optimize the local info

Paid Ads

What you have done in the past, presently, and what capabilities can be done for the future

The Digital Campaigns

Marketing with the right components to capture the revenues and market share you desire!

Here’s What You Get Each Month with RepReview:


Monthly Reports

That detail the activity of your System, the number, the quality and the additional efforts still needing to be done to gain your wanted engagement

Real-Time Engagements

Increase in the after-the-sale connects with current customers and their circle of friends they recommend to your brand, products and company

Confidence Where You Need It

Increase of reviews where you need them to be, or your business, industry and marketplace. Gain the reviews where you need them to be

Powerful Testimonials

Having real customers vouch for your products and the way you do business, championing what you bring to your target audiences effectively

Fresh & Timely Reviews

Chances to continually show the high standard of quality customer service you provide to each and every one of your valued customers

More of Wanted Revenues

As every company is in business to gain, the revenues and profits come from the increase of sales opportunities that great Word of Mouth provides

All of This EACH Month for Just $250 a month

Ask our representative what the discount is if you choose to pay yearly.

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Automate your Review Capturing Process! The information we ask you for is to assist us in gaining for you the System as quickly as possible to benefit you and the long-term efforts to connect and engage with your target audiences month in and month out.


We look forward to setting up and maintain your company’s RepReview System.



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