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In the beginning stages of one’s business, you must rely on the expertise of contract and freelance marketing pros. As equally important to the success of your company, campaign or project is the reliability of the Marketing Professional you choose

It is the combination of quality content and data with the working know-how of the contract freelancer that can boost your business’ early profits.

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At the SciNexus {Latin for the Science of Connection} You Have Found What You Need for Success!

Lead Generation is the life-blood of a business at any stage of it’s existence. And it can be the largest expense you incur when you are first starting out. There are ways to boot-strap and perform some effective Guerilla Marketing tactics if you know what they are and how to implement them. With over 2 decades in the profession, I have been able to gain not only the  insights of these strategies and tactics but also the hands-on success in the application of putting them into practice for the desired results.

There is no substitute for experience, especially when it comes to early-stage Marketing Strategies – Connect with us right away!

Setting up an email campaign was the most confusing thing about this momentum building process. Your ability to crawl into the psychological profile of who I wanted to target was what the whole thing needed. And your complete campaign sequence setup put my mind at ease.

Michelle W., Nevada

I am an engineer, and the marketing skill completely skipped me! Thank you for being able to put into the right forms for people to connect with me, and what I have in my head for them.

Joseph E., Utah

I didn’t realize what all went into this stuff called Marketing before I started my business. And I was certainly unaware of how much there was to do when I went out on my own full-time. Thank you for walking me through it all and guiding me along my learning curve!

Angela T., Indiana

When I started out, I would have given all I could (and almost did on the wrong types) for a good solid lead. I now realize cold calling and data when you first start out with the correctly identified audiences is exactly what new companies need. Thanks for getting that for me.

Alonzo Z., Ohio

The Best Visuals for You

Graphics show what type of business that you are and how well you understand those who you want to do business with and be of service to. Hardest part of the Social Scene is to keep coming up with the right type of graphics that can capture the eye of who you want to get in front of. I can Get you started and gaining the momentum in the platform that your audience frequents

– Here’s some samples for you –

Singing Contest2023-02-28T19:44:51+00:00
T-Shirt Designs2023-02-28T19:46:59+00:00
Tattoo Removal2023-03-03T04:51:23+00:00
Graphics Collection2023-03-03T03:43:24+00:00
Aquaponics System2023-03-03T03:44:21+00:00
Wing Tips2023-03-03T03:44:45+00:00
Speed Networking2023-03-03T04:53:58+00:00
Maternity Coverage2023-03-03T04:48:56+00:00

Experience is key to achieving the goals you have set for your fledgling and burgeoning enterprise

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