The Collection

Here in this section you will be able to find my work when it comes to the design or the graphics for businesses to use for their social events and platforms. Found here are examples from past, present and future clientele of mine. In here you will get a taste of how I approach, and the flavor that I have found to be successful in the realm of creating Social Momentum.

Feel free to peruse each of the types of graphics found below that you may be able to gain access to the experience that counts and makes a difference in what you want to do in business on a social platform of your choice. Take a moment, and see how I approach each design to attract the eye and curiosity. Then beat it over to the contact page and connect today!

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What You Need To Do

In the Design Process

With the corresponding social platform, identify the goals and objectives you want to accomplish in establishing awareness of your company on the platform. Plan ahead what your messaging may be and how you want them to respond to the Call to Action you place.

With that in position, contact me and we will set the imagery that will best gain for you those goals that you have set for the social campaign.

Details of the Creation Process


Our first conversations need to get to the root of what you have in mind and all of what you want to place in front of your audience


With all the info gathered, I put together a series of 4 graphics that are evergreen and reusable for multiple touch points online


We get over to you each one with the initial recommendations of how to utilize them and how you can direct its placement on the platform

Placement & Position

Planted on the Platform of Your Choice

Depending upon your plan for getting the graphics working for you, you will have prime examples of what more you can produce in ways of the eye-catching, momentum-building ‘eye candy’ that you can grow your following and interactions with those on there.

Whether yo place them once a week or once a day, the set of 4 will get you well on your way to have room for more in the coming weeks or months.

The Connection

It is the time you take to prep to make the best results in how much time you save on the back end of the Marketing results. Experience in the design, implementation and measurement of your efforts is the difference for success.

By filling out the forms below you are able to begin the process that your business has long needed to take. You can capture and harness the interest of those who you want to do business with more quickly with a well crafted logo that brands your company in the light that is most advantageous. Correctly position what you and your company does with the right logo that represents it the best.

Let’s Talk

Be so kind, to fill out the form so that we can get all the aspects of what you have entailed. The more here, the faster we can all move on getting the results we all want to have!

From where did you see the info?
What Marketing Strategy do you want?
Number of leads, graphics, etc.
What you want, goal or objective, purpose - Get as specific as possible
Time to contact?
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